WoW staycation

December 9, 2010

I took a couple of precious, rare, actual vacation days (i.e. not spent being sick) enjoying Cataclysm among other things. The climb to level 85 really is not that bad; people of various classes were clocking in their [realm first 85!]‘s during the afternoon and evening of the first day. Presumably group play since midnight, I know how it’s done and I don’t much care to try. The resident guild MT hurried to 85 as well, and he got there either late Tuesday night or Wednesday afternoon.

Taking my time, relatively speaking, I expect my DK will be 85 by Saturday night.

Blizzard took notes from its successes in WotLK as well as other MMOs in designing this expansion. More plot immersion. More of a sense of doing important things. More cinematics — and mini-cinematics. No group quests; instead, quests with NPC backup.

And it’s nice to know that the dryads never change…yeah, the world tree’s about to be torched by Ragnaros but go save some deer!

Sue and I have also set up the worgen duo and should have some time to play tonight. I liked the starting zone, though I buzzed through it fairly quickly over the course of an evening. Sue had this notion of starting before me to get ahead.

So futile…

Anyway, as one of the faster leveling DPS in the guild mix, I’ve also gotten the DK in on some dungeon pugs and guild runs. As expected, the WotLK epics did not start to become obsolete until about level 82 in Deepholm, where the best quest drops and dungeon drops from Stonecore begin to far outstrip LK-era epics in terms of item level and raw stats. Also in Stonecore, we began to see fight mechanics that put us in real danger, and I can only imagine how nasty the heroic versions will be. Hey, where’s that sentry going?…oh…look. He’s bringing friends.

Pugs are going to be interesting. Even the couple of regular-dungeon pugs I’ve been to have been kind of madcap. Heck, the guild runs have been kinda crazy. But hey, it’s new! It’s nice for a change to not know what’s about to happen and just wing it. And the intro dungeons have not been quite as bad as they were made out to be by the beta testers. Toons’ power levels vary wildly in pugs so far. But my DK is holding up with respectable DPS.

And after being warned about leveling as unholy, thus far it has been no problem! Tindalos’ self-heals with death strikes are weak, but he can still dps down the new high-health mobs awfully fast. Health pools are downright ridiculous compared to WotLK; the guild MT is pushing 100k, I think, and he hasn’t even begun heroic dungeons that I know of. Quest mobs are routinely upwards of 80-100k and more. Still mowing them down.

I’m not sure if it’s intentional, but the central quest hub in Deepholm is kinda funny for the steady stream of PCs arriving via this quest. You can hear the NPC finishing her Deepholm intro speech…over and over. And the line reminds me of Airplane! We are all counting on you.

Anyway, fun with the ninja werewolf tonight; we get to see what horrors have been inflicted upon Darkshore in order to make it a better experience, heh.


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