Synchronized kicks

November 26, 2010

As a sort of reminder-to-self, I learned that Inception is apparently coming out on Blu-Ray on December 7th. So while I may be fighting to get through whatever broken servers lead to WoW, I should also make sure to grab this movie! The best one I saw this year, I think. And the soundtrack too, while I’m at it.

In another life, I could have gone on pursuing music, and I would have liked to play in an orchestra that played pieces like this. This was one soundtrack I wouldn’t be afraid to turn up to eleven. Certainly the musicians did.

So I may be exploring the new zones in Azeroth, or I may be playing a worgen with Sue’s werewolf-ninja to be, but I will also set aside some time to watch this movie again…and to turn it up, way up.


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