It’s like trading cards

November 18, 2010

On the RS forum, I am once again participating in the excision of a creationist twit from the community. This particular fellow has made a habit of quote mining scientific work and articles, to the point that he’s built a forum of his own where he has the information and linkage collected, ready to C&P creationist spam all over the Net. And judging from his list of places he’s been to spam it, it’s been a major pastime for years.

And in return, I cited this in support of a quotemine charge, as it seems those will most efficiently dispose of the fellow. It would be a bit embarrassing, if they cared, that this quote mining activity were so blatant and frequent that skeptics compile such testaments to religiously-inspired dishonesty.

Since the current Liar for Jesus has gotten called out on it at least three times in just one thread, and he seems keen to keep on spamming, I’ll have to keep the Talk Origins Quote Mine Project handy. I wonder sometimes what the thought process is like for these people when their citations are revealed to be lies. I can be charitable and think they’re just saying what they’ve been told, that they didn’t know any better. But do their opinions change at all? Do they respond to correction? Not that I’ve seen.

This particular fellow has simply added ‘no guarantee’ on the accuracy of his citations, as if that somehow excused his behavior and allowed him to continue posting lies. The RS forum will begin the long process of suspending him long-term or banning him permanently, at which point he will likely break out the sockpuppet brigade.

It is amusing to check out his forum, though. It seems completely unmoderated, and a few other people have posted there. There is no discussion, though; it only resembles a forum superficially. It’s really just an online resource for the creationist to C&P from. He doesn’t respond to anyone trying to engage him there. And on the RS forum, it’s not much of an engagement there; just spam from his website and smilies. I’m sure he’ll find other forums to pester once we’re done with him.


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