Irresistible nonsense

November 18, 2010

Today I could not resist the urge to respond to a letter to the editor in the Beaver County Times, the newspaper from my old hometown (one I used to deliver around town, too). Hopefully they will publish it as Martin Schulte Jr. Otherwise Dad will be in for it. That’s what you get! Shouldn’t have named me after you eh? Heh. One might think the response a bit harsh; it is possible that I have become more strident in my old age. But this is what I read:

I agree with Wednesday letter writer Carol Lindley (“What’s happening to our country?”), but I think we need more:

  • Women with children at home (under 18) should be there.
  • Men should have the jobs.
  • There wouldn’t be any need for big fancy homes, two new cars and all news furniture, hot tubs and pools.

The children would be happier (and they don’t need everything they ask for), marriages would be stronger and a man would feel like a man again.

Maybe our country would be better if people weren’t greedy for money that they didn’t care what they did to get it.

Nancy Winters


I added the bullet points myself; I think that’s what they were after but it didn’t look quite right in my browser.

Now, I may have emotional scars from women’s liberation, so to speak. But I would still defend a woman’s right to get out there and live, as opposed to being barefoot in the kitchen, or whatever passes for a worthy life in Nancy Winters’ estimation. Besides, it’s not as if our family had the perks that Winters thinks it should have. You see that, Mom? We were supposed to have a pool. I didn’t mind the cars, we were all busy wrecking them…

Best I can tell, Nancy Winters is just some elderly widow from Monaca, probably has nothing better to do with her time. Obviously, neither do I!  🙂  I can perhaps console myself with the notion that this old, dying generation might take some of that old, sexist nonsense with it.

The problem reminds me of religion, ethics, skepticism. Mrs. Winters has this traditionalist notion of what makes a man or a woman, just like religion has its notions of what is good, right and true. And none of them hold any objective value or quality. Just as I require no xian commandments to behave in society, a man need not feel ashamed for caring about — and for — his children. What makes a man ‘feel like a man’ is just an idea, and one I don’t mind attacking if needs be.

It may be a bit much to call some grandmotherly type sexist, but I laid the rhetorical smackdown anyway. Look at that letter she wrote. Mollycoddle that? Feh. It’ll give the neighbors something to talk about. The paper has already called, to tell me that they’ll publish it next Wednesday or Thursday.

Tee hee. Mayhem!


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