It’s my guild, it’s every guild

November 10, 2010

This gave me giggle fits after seeing it on WoW Insider, so I may as well inflict it on my friends:

It is my guild, it is every guild. And I have been in a few guilds to see it over and over. I can’t quite figure out which category I fit into, though…I think I qualify for several! I’m definitely not Billy. And don’t say Altoholic, because I am a responsible alt-meister. Even if I do have about 8 80’s or so. Maybe 9…no. Definitely 8. And some of them are alliance.

  1. Know-it-all? Could be…
  2. The Legend? Only Sue can tell.
  3. Mysterious One? This reminds me of Sue at times…
  4. The Couple? heh. no comment.
  5. Lore Freak? Eh, maybe.

And, well…the ventrilo simulation is priceless. Say something hot! Oh wait, she’s 13 and probably the guild leader’s daughter.


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