The fatalistic raider

November 2, 2010

Work is busy and getting worse (as my next weekend is getting cut in half, a day off delayed), so I’ll have to shoehorn something in here…not enough time in the day, sometimes.

With about a month to go until Cataclysm, I watched my last chance to score the orange axe before the xpac go down the drain. A pug raid leader just decided to screw me over…not much reasoning behind it. I was briefly amused this past week when that raid leader pugged his way into our horde guild’s futile attempts at LK-25, and the officers decided they’d rather boot him than watch me step out. I probably saved the bastich some repair bills. Well, it’s not like I asked them to kick him from the raid for me. But they couldn’t pay me to go raid with that other guild, and now that fella knows it.

What’s life without consequences? The lot of the typical moron/slacker, I suppose. But it’s just a game!

Meanwhile, I continue to look for decent pugs for the DK to gather shards. He doesn’t have enough now, and he can’t, by the numbers; but I may get an opportunity to finish it during Cataclysm. No way to tell. So I might as well get what I can.

Anyway, the hordies are committed to trying to put LK-25 down. For some reason LK-10 Kingslayer just isn’t enough. And they thought the 4.0 changes would make it a cakewalk, but it hasn’t been. The raid seems more broken than ever. Fortunately, the fail seems to revolve around the healers, lately…they have trouble with healing, with dispels, with keeping the tanks up…everything. And the raid has always, already, revolved around these divas. Having already tailored everyone else’s performance to suit their needs, there isn’t much else they can complain about.

On the bright side, it makes for less conversation…and so the rest of us pay less and less attention in between wipes as the healers ponder their failures. I think this week, I’ll keep a book handy.


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