Schadenfreude begins to describe it

October 25, 2010

I began writing here due to the demise of the old RDF forum, and although I figured bygones would be bygones when Dawkins apologized, I admit to a severe case of the schadenfreude tonight. Because of this.

I’m seeing the news popping up everywhere now that the Richard Dawkins Foundation is suing Josh Timonen for fraud and embezzlement. The central fact of the story is that Timonen has been accused of diverting 92% of the revenues from the RDF store to his own personal use.

PZ is conflicted because he knows everyone involved, he’s defended Josh Timonen back in the days of Dawkins’ supposed ‘outrage’ and the old forum hijinks and the rickrolling etc. But a lot of ex-Dawk fans are snickering to themselves over this sad state of affairs, after Dawkins’ gushing praise for his website guru and the dedication to Timonen in one of his books.

Truth be told, I’m snickering too. Not over the embezzlement; no one deserves that. And Dawkins’ foundation will likely come out of this much better off, as PZ points out with the best spin he can apply. Sue would most likely look at this and tease me with some remark about karma…since she picks up most on the ‘bad karma,’ the comeuppance.

Maybe Dr. Dawkins will find good parking spaces for awhile…seems to have earned it. In a metaphysical manner of speaking, which is to say, nonsense.  🙂


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