Jack Conway, you suck

October 22, 2010

I’ve been stewing over this one for a couple days; it took a letter-writer to NPR to firm up my resolution to respond to this fellow.

Jack Conway is a Democrat running for Senator in Kentucky. At this point, normally it would be simple enough for me. Democrat? Running against Rand Paul, that sonuvalibertarian? There is nothing about the typical political issues that would make me too worried about voting for Conway, were I in Kentucky (there but for the grace of Dawk go I).

And then, to score some cheap points via religion, Conway cut loose with this issue, blasting Rand Paul for having mocked Christianity in his bong-smoking youth. He has a section of his website devoted to the topic, now.

Be careful what you do in college, because you never know when you’ll run for Senate. It’s the kind of warning that parents give their kids all the time, but one that Rand Paul may not have taken to heart, considering recent reports that the Kentucky GOP Senate candidate’s college secret society was actually one that was banished from campus because of it’s anti-Christian views.’

Conway has made some extremely lame attempts to justify this as judging actions, not crafting a religious test.

I’m not questioning his faith, Robert. I’m questioning his actions. Rand Paul joined a group when he was in college. And this group had been banned by the president of Baylor (University) because it, quote, made fun of Christianity and Christ.

And why would you go and join a group that purposely known for mocking people of faith? I don’t think it’s ever appropriate to mock people of faith. I don’t think it’s ever appropriate to tie a woman up and ask her to kneel down and worship a false idol.

And you know, Rand Paul has not denied these charges. These stories have been printed in six very reputable media outlets. And when asked questions about them he refuses to answer.

Note how Conway shifts the rhetoric from ‘mocking Christianity’ to ‘mocking people of faith’. Note the video’s language about a ‘false idol’. This is language Conway repeatedly invoked during their last debate, as well. I can’t dismiss this as some singular, boneheaded remark. (the page linked above contains a video sample of Conway’s remarks) This Democrat played the faith card to swing some sympathy votes his way.

Kneeling before a false god. Reveling in sacrilege. Mocking Christianity and Christ. These are Jack Conway’s statements about Rand Paul. This is attacking someone for having the temerity to question or mock our society’s dominant religion. And make no mistake — Conway is using that to play his little dominance game, who’s the better xian. At least I know Rand Paul can’t use this counter against Conway; he’s playing who’s the better xian too. He couldn’t possibly defend mocking xianity. Heaven forbid.

I’m glad I’m not in a position to have to vote for either one of these people…and hopefully, Jack Conway will advance no further, and not put me in a position to have to think about it. I’m not sure I could overlook this, hold my nose and vote on the issues. This embrace of xian discrimination against the non-believer is disgusting. It is an attack against atheism, it is an attack against me. My voice may be irrelevant, but I will not be silent about it.



  1. Yeah, I loved it how he put a picture of Paul up that makes him look like a 70’s porno king. I’m excited about getting the chance to pick between these two come election day.

    • Ah, you have a relevant vote in that area? Good luck with it…don’t know what I would do.

  2. Afraid I do… <–Kentucky gal. I'm leaning towards Paul – I'm just disgusted at Conway right now.

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