Winging it v.4.0

October 13, 2010

When the big patch landed yesterday (with four extra hours of maintenance), it provided an interesting evening trying out specs, sorting out the new inscription system, and testing out a few characters in a random heroic.

The unholy DK was just…damage bwahaha! Ridiculous, spectacular damage. I almost felt bad for the tank in that heroic. My rogue with a new assassination spec was hitting pretty hard too, though not quite as ridiculous (and I could misdirect some of the threat).

I saw all the healers in Dalaran showing off their new shiny terrain-based heal spells, quite the lightshow, and decided to try out my old undead priest in healer mode before logging out. Not bad either, until the last boss in heroic Forge of Souls put its damage link on me. I got a share of the damage the dps was dealing out.

Doomed for eternity!

Instant death. Surprisingly, even after killing me and one of the dps with Mirrored Soul, the tank and two dps still killed the boss. We seem…a bit overpowered.

So enough of that for one day. I’ve probably made a thousand gold overnight, not even trying, just posting up a few glyphs for auction. Speaking of ridiculous — the demand! Also, it looks like our raid lockouts were reset, so the horde guild may have to battle its way back to the Lich King. If they do, I might be able to go with the DK…and piss off the tanks with his ridiculous dps. Then again, I doubt I’ll be alone in that.


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