October 10, 2010

This weekend, my fool’s errand was a gathering blitzkrieg on one of my miners — the end result being my DK dropping enchanting for blacksmithing. It’s gone surprisingly fast for farming most of it myself, along with a few cheap auction buyouts along the way.

Today my miner got back to Northrend after wandering around Eversong, Hillsbrad, Badlands, Un’Goro Crater, Hellfire Peninsula, and the Isle of Quel’danas for most of the trip. And I was immediately reminded of what I will miss most from WotLK, now that it’s almost over. Howling Fjord got me to turn off the other distractions and just listen to the game.

Graphics can vary based on your machine; class mechanics can vary based on the developers’ whim. Raiding, questing, legendaries (feh) can be disappointing in the end. But the music will be much the same anywhere you go, either works or it doesn’t. And for the most part, I’ve always enjoyed the music in WoW, from the stirring, dramatic accompaniment to the Lucifron fight in Molten Core to the peaceful, relative beauty of Nagrand in the otherwise broken world of Outland. Sue’s partial to the Zandalar home island, where her troll can dance in time with the music.

When she got into the Lich King beta due to a Blizzcon trip, she told me about the different ambiance of Borean Tundra vs. Howling Fjord, and how the music in the Fjord seemed better. I hit it on day one of the xpac, of course, and I was hooked. Every toon I leveled (and there were many) started in the Fjord. Northrend, going back to WC3, was far away, far from home. Lonely. Mysterious. In WotLK, its music to me brought out that picturesque loneliness.

Grizzly Hills is along the same lines, though with more bear growls mixed in.  🙂

Though the horde takes part in the sad, ongoing journey of the Taunka searching for a new home, and the alliance pals around unwittingly with worgen, and both sides get betrayed by a certain troll, I made a point to level through Grizzly Hills at least a few times. The big plot draws you into Dragonblight, but that’s ok. It can wait. The music there made fishing for salmon for raid food into a real joy. These zones have day and night music, and I’ve put up the more subdued night music because the first track is probably my favorite of the entire game. If I ever quit this game, I would park my death knight in Grizzly Hills with a fishing pole, line in the water, and exit program.

So I’m sentimental, mock me! See if I care.



  1. i lied down at the tomb of the fallen warrior myself. it seemed fitting.

    • Ah, I know where you’re talking about. There are a couple of monuments like that in the game world. I saw the one I know of in Hillsbrad while farming tin.

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