We should form a club!

October 8, 2010

Well, at least stuff like this reminds me that we’re not alone in our misery, heh. That may be too strong a term. But one of my favorite WoW blogs I Like Bubbles (now with less bubbles, but that’s ok) seems to chronicle the adventures of the horde guild we’re in.

It hasn’t driven me to drink, but then I don’t drink booze.

Actually, the grind on Sindragosa-25 wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Most of the raids I went on seemed to learn about chained ice tombs before too long — with the exception of a few morons, and then I suppose the RL is tasked with deciding what to do about those. Once the raid could reliably reach the last phase it was just a matter of learning all the ways one could screw up, as usual…times 25 raiders.

Now the horde guild is tackling Lich King 25, which is probably worse. And I’m not taking my death knight on them either. I’m still going on the raids with a decent alt, my rogue; but the DK is on his own adventure in futility.

I’ve done the math. I know it’s unlikely to impossible that I can gather 50 of these shards before Cataclysm hits. I now have three; I’d have to pick up about six a week for the next two months to make it. But what else do I have to do right now? Not even bother? Go fight LK-25 over and over on the DK instead? Go fish? So I might as well try. All I can do is fail, which I expect from the get-go.


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