Progress on Sindragosa. heh

October 1, 2010

In contrast to my last week’s fretting over the Shadowmourne quest, we’ve spent time this week just dying over and over on Sindragosa. Sue has remarked how the zen of not caring makes this bearable. Sure, we offer a bit of advice here and there, but mostly I’m just laughing at the variety of slapstick ways in which we wipe on the fight. We’re being destroyed repeatedly by what seem like relatively simple tactics. But getting 25 random folks (well, probably ~15-20 reasonable sorts and ~5-10 morons) to do it right…it’d be painful to watch if I cared.

Sindragosa puts a Frost Beacon on the Ice Tomb targets about 5 seconds before they get entombed. Since Ice Tombs not only damage their targets, but also everyone else in a 10 yard radius, it’s important for the ice tomb targets to move away from all non-targets and from each other. After 20 seconds, she’s dropped all her bombs, lands and resumes Phase 1. At this point, the entombed players start to take damage from asphyxiation. Players are freed from the Ice Tombs by destroying them (~450k HP). They should be damaged to about 10% while she drops the bombs, and quickly destroyed after the fourth bomb has exploded.

A couple things that kill us here: failing to break people out of these tombs (they are getting better at this), and mainly the ‘chain’ effect of ice tomb targets being too close to other raiders and tombing other folks — sometimes lots of them. If it happens again I will have to take a screenshot.

This ice tomb issue becomes more difficult in a later phase of the fight.

Phase 3 starts when Sindragosa is at 35% health. She becomes permanently grounded, and continues all of her abilities from phase 1. Although she stops casting Frost Bombs, Sindragosa continues to cast Frost Beacons and Ice Tombs, which players must use to control her new ability, Mystic Buffet. One stack of this debuff is gained by all players in her line of sight every 4 seconds. Each stack increases magical damage taken by 10%/15% (10/25 player).

In theory the marked raider moves to near the front or the rear of the dragon, clear of the raid, and gets tombed. We then use the ice-block as described to block line of sight, drop our Mystic Buffet, and then break it. In practice, the raiders are having a rather hard time moving from one side to the other; from hiding behind one block at her head, to galloping across the fight/raid to get tombed at her back feet. My favorite wipe on Wednesday was the guild leader dropping a tomb in the middle of the raid. Kaboom, ice cube tray! Such a good thing my voice chat is push-to-talk. They would not appreciate my hysterical cackling.

Not to mention a sizable chunk of the raid either not managing their Mystic Buffet or, apparently, ignoring it entirely! The healers complain so much…I don’t know why they don’t add an extra one, have a dps swap to healing for the fight. It’s been suggested and ignored, of course.

Anyway, I offer advice that mainly gets dismissed, so I just go about my Frost Infusion quest and dps away, routinely one of the last to die. After spending about 3 hours just wiping on this fight on Wednesday, I have to wonder how tonight’s raid will go. If at all.

On Wednesday, one of the better raiders flat out refused to go. On account of him not needing anything from that fight. It was amusing watching the social pressure tactics in action, the frustration evident in the raid leaders as the guy steadfastly refused to be social, helpful. I guess he hit his limit. I would consider doing that myself, were it not for Sue wanting to go, and me wanting this quest done. If they do get it done, I intend not to miss it. After that, the chips — and the Shadowfrost shards — can fall where they may.

Saturday morning edit: As has become typical, events progress in unexpected and amusing ways. The Friday pugs were surprisingly competent for the most part, possibly leaving a few of the regulars embarrassed, if they still have the capacity. The raid actually downed Sindragosa on the 4th or 5th try. And somehow I was the only Shadow’s Edge wielding fanatic to complete the frost infusion quest. I think the tank lost his to the infusion timer. They want to extend the raid again to focus on Lich King-25, which puts me in an odd position for next week. Time marches on.



  1. not just an adventure…its a job

    • I used to treat it that seriously. These days, I just amuse myself with it…by December, I’ll have something new to learn.

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