It’s either laugh, or cry

September 24, 2010

Just been one of those…weeks, in the political sphere. I don’t know what’s worse, watching Obama fail to be inspiring on his trips around the country, watching the Democrats bail on tax-cut votes, watching my grumpy old man senator McCain deny reality on don’t ask, don’t tell…ugh. What, does he think if he repeats the lie often enough, it becomes true?

…well, he is a Republican, so… (Sue will jab me for that)

It’s one thing if we see the Dems go down swinging, quite another to watch them try to lose. Are they trying? I can’t tell, but at times it looks that way.

Anyway, at least there are a few jokes now and then to get me through the weekend. Stephen Colbert testifying before Congress has got to be one of them.

Is it sillier for Colbert to appear and stick to his character through questioning by members of Congress? Or to be the sourpusses on the other end, trying not to grin as their points of view are so ably satirized? John Conyers, a Democrat, tried to kick him out, to shut him up! What a fool. Meanwhile, Republican Lamar Smith thanks Colbert for his unquestioning ‘support.’ One wonders if either of them got the joke.

And asked if he endorsed GOP policies, Colbert said, “I endorse all Republican policies without question,” prompting Smith to thank Colbert for his endorsement of the Republicans’ just-unveiled Pledge to America.

If members of Congress ever wonder just why it is Congress gets such low approval ratings…cripes. As if their nonstop bickering, backstabbing, and general incompetence at getting things done wasn’t enough. Can’t even take a joke.

Although, at times I think it’s for the best that they fight so much and get little done. They do less damage that way. The way things are going, we may expect a few more years of even less getting done…somehow.


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