Et tu, Obama?

September 11, 2010

I suppose I have a couple of years to see if cold pragmatism outweighs the disgust at this pandering. This was something I had heard about, and then PZ Myers chimed in about it, and it was the seed that crystallized the supersaturation of rejection and scorn.

“We are all Americans, we stand together,” Obama said. “I think it is absolutely important now for majority of Americans to hang onto that thing that is best in us: a belief in religious tolerance. We have to make sure we don’t start turning on each other.”

“We are one nation under God. We may call that God different names, but we are one nation.”

Tolerance is a good idea. But Obama has just divided the nation, forgetting all of his previous brief, superficial mentions of non-believers, into those who are part of his one nation under God, and the rest of us, who are…what? Not part of the nation?

From Obama’s POV, it’s not much of a division. Nothing Americans aren’t used to. Although I had come to expect this from conservatives, not from the guy I voted for. Oh well. So his initial forays into acknowledging that skeptics exist and might even be decent citizens are quickly retracted for the sake of pandering, for some lame attempt at scoring some street cred with xians.

Obama ought to know that he can never be Christian enough for these people. He could go to church every day, have a personal spiritual adviser strapped to his back, and constantly drop to his knees and invoke the big daddy in the sky. They will still call him a ‘secret muslim’ and suspect and question. They don’t like him already. They’re just trying to justify their dislike for other reasons.

PZ’s question is one I would ask, too. I’ve got no good answer. If this is to be ‘one nation under god’ then I guess I’m just here by some accident of birth. And while Obama complains mightily in defense of muslims in our armed forces, fighting and dying for us, he throws the skeptics doing the same damn thing under the bus.

As a liberal, it’s been fun trying to reconcile with the broken promises, the one-sided compromises that accomplished nothing, the support for failed or illegal practices dating back to the Bush regime. Other liberals have tried real hard to find the silver lining, the good that’s been done. And all politicians lie, pander, break promises. I guess this insult is just too personal to let stand.

So I’ve done some frivolous exercises in response; dropping off the campaign email list, contacting the administration to berate them, ripping the Obama magnet off my car. And my vote, thanks to the electoral college, is likely meaningless as well. Maybe in a couple years I’ll find someone else in the primary season to vote for, and to have betray me. Since they are all politicians, after all.

Ain’t life grand?



  1. what makes you think that you are a welcome member of this society? under god! you are not of the “people of the book,” a member of the abrahamic religious tradition which appears to be necessary to belong here now. so if you really got vocal about it, you would not be welcome. how many who do not bow down to the abrahamic religions hold public office of prominence? do you think obama is going to nominate a publicly known athiest to the supreme court or some other high court any time soon? he nominates “centrists” does he not? where do you think this is all going? as religious fanatics rise in power, what do you think is going to happen to outsiders? one thing these fools seem to have grasped at some level is that the pie will grow no larger and the great scramble to hold onto some standard of life beyond subsistence has begun. it doesn’t have to be this way but since priorities are focused on how much can mankind pay corporate ceos and shareholders, the dark times are upon us. sometimes i think the age of reason is coming to an end if not over already. if so, i doubt it will be a pretty one for those who can reason beyond how best to make a quick buck.

    • Religion is just something people in crisis turn to, and we can see it in our family as well as the country, and the world. It’s unfortunate that the same corporatist interests that see to our people’s poverty also see to the religion ‘fix’ with it.

      • considering that crisis seems to be the direction we are stumbling towards like a zombie seeking brains, we’ve got trouble.

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