Have you left no sense of decency? …nope.

September 9, 2010

I’ve borne witness to a series of unusual political stories emanating from my home state this week. And while the nation might be giggling more over Jan Brewer and her terrible debate performance (even as her poll numbers go up!) I will pick on the other story.

On Tuesday, I saw an interesting segment on the Rachel Maddow show concerning some Republican disingenuity here in Arizona. Apparently the easy rules dictating how to put Green Party candidates on the ballot has inspired some Republicans to sponsor a batch of fake Green candidates to siphon off Democratic votes this fall.

She makes an excellent point about a flaw in the rules governing how we vote. Since I get to talk to a variety of people from around the world on the forums I haunt, I’ve seen such examples of how the American form of democracy, contrary to conventional wisdom, is not the acme of this form of government.

Unless we change the way we vote, unless we switch to the system they call instant runoff voting or one, two, three voting or Australian voting where you can say, “If my first choice candidate doesn’t win, give my vote to my second choice candidate.” Unless we adopt a system like that (oh, please) third party candidates will almost always function as spoilers in our two major party system.

Rachel goes on to point out some instances of Democrats pulling similar dirty tricks as well, demonstrating what ‘fair and balanced’ really looks like. But it is interesting how the responses from the political parties differ.

When the Democratic Party fingerprints were found to be all over that Michigan tea party thing, the two Democratic Party officials seen as most responsible for the trickery, including the one who notarized all those tea party affidavits both of those Democrats lost their jobs, one resigned, the other one was fired. The Democrats responsible for that bad embarrassing, dirty, sleazy tea party dirty trick thing in Michigan resigned in shame or were kicked out by the party . Their counterpart in the Republican Party , the guy who recruited the homeless people , the tarot guy and everything that ran under the Green Party in Arizona to hurt Democrats , that Republican guy is not only not ashamed of what he did, he’s not only not getting fired, he’s got his picture in the ” New York Times ” that has done a whole article with them in which he brags about what he’s done.

So, there you have it. While Democrats may try to pull such tricks, they may get booted out of the party for doing so, while Republicans boast about it and get kudos.


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