Gnomeregan letdown

September 8, 2010

On Tuesday we got treated to some new pre-Cataclysm content; phased encounters with the trolls retaking the Echo Isles, part of the old starting area, and the gnomes retaking Gnomeregan…oh…oops. Guess they don’t. Yet? Well, in troll-land, the little pipsqueak Zalazane certainly had it coming, and they introduce the troll druids to boot. The gnome content seems downright lackluster by comparison.

For Blizzard’s next trick, perhaps they will update the Draenei starting area so that we’re not still rescuing fallen draenei like plane crash victims years after the crash. Oh well. I guess it’s never really going to make too much sense. Like worgen death knights.

Well, maybe they shouldn’t change the draenei starting zone. I still like to go back there, now and then, just to listen to the music and roam around. I thought it captured the state of the draenei in that moment very well, and it was certainly a shocking contrast with the shiny happy belf starting area.

As for the old content, I’ve been spending a bit of spare time revisiting old dungeons, in pursuit of frivolous achievements, and it’s been fun. We also two-manned some of the old raid content, and that was even sillier. I am not sure Sue and I can finish two-manning Molten Core, but we’ve gotten to Majordomo and haven’t died yet! BWL was a hilarious failure though.

In the spirit of nostalgia and going back over the old stuff we enjoyed, a lot of which is going away with Cataclysm…


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