Pleasant surprises

August 18, 2010

Begging the question of ‘now what,’ I got to tank the entire Lich King encounter on the horde guild’s latest Kingslayer run. Gave me a chuckle yesterday, after not really wanting to tank it, to realize I have ended up tanking the hardest encounters we can attempt — I got to tank Halion in Ruby Sanctum 10s a few weeks ago.

The ICC pity buff allows the healers to keep up a Lich King tank full time, even with him hitting me with Soul Reaper for occasional 50k shadow damage spikes. Of course, I can magic-shield for a ton less damage, so maybe that encounter was made for death knight tanks to shine. Pity it took this long for anyone I ran with to notice.

Since the guild seems interested in continuing the theme of one extended 10-man with lots of hardmode fighting, Sue and I are likely to politely decline and do other things, so more raid-free time on the horizon. Of course, we might just go raid on alts instead, heh. Playing the same characters in the same fights (and dying over and over because of other people) does get old.

I haven’t decided if I miss tanking, or raid tanking, and the associated leadership role. Better at this point, I think, to simply include it in the skill-set. Tanking is a thrill, sure, but dps can be too. I guess that’s what this saga of ‘used to be a main tank’ has taught me.


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