Achievement spam

August 12, 2010

So yesterday, after some weeks of watching the hordies flail away at the blood queen in ICC 25, the raid finally got her down. I must have been the only one not joining in the spam of achievement for completing the blood wing. I’m not even sure what differentiated the successful boss fight from the weeks’ worth of failures prior — it wasn’t a perfect fight, several people died, and I think the raid’s shaman experienced premature bloodlust. Ah well. Good enough.

It’s nice to have the occasional pleasant surprise to spice up the routine sense of resignation. But then I also get to tank some, and push my DK’s dps capabilities, perfecting my technique through all the practice we get. I daresay some of us have gotten very good at vampire biting.

The run was also marked by a couple of new arrivals — faction transfers from alliance side — who got into the raid through a guildie ‘friend’. I have to put it in quotes because it’s more like ‘hey, I ran ICC 10 with these two guys last week and they seemed cool’. It was highly amusing to watch these two horde newbies snark and fail their way through the run, knowing that an invite back is…unlikely.

I may not be terribly social, and I agreed with them on much of the snark, but I understand tact well enough to not unleash right out of the gate. I waited a few weeks before saying much of anything, and let my performance speak for itself. First impressions and all. Makes things a bit tricksy to rip into everything and everyone on your first run with new acquaintances, especially when your dps buddy is having trouble outperforming the tanks.

I still don’t say much beyond the occasional joke or bit of advice disguised as a question, though. We’re not raiding much, and I am not very invested in it. Gives me time to fool around with other things, like my nicely geared rogue, the old undead priest (now sporting some T10) or my own frivolous achievements, like…Chef Tindalos! I’ll have to put up a screenshot with his chef’s hat on sometime. Allez cuisine!


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