Fulfilling obligations

August 5, 2010

It’s been awhile since I mentioned anything about our in-game activities, because honestly there’s not much to report! But one of the things we’re doing is running in an ICC 10-man raid that’s being extended to gradually make its way back to the Lich King and get the Kingslayer title for a few more people.

I am not sure just how many people, but it isn’t many. And it’s being stretched out interminably as the group feels compelled to beat their heads in trying out heroic mode fights. They seem to go into each and every situation firmly convinced by no evidence in particular that it will be easy. They get proven wrong, painfully, repeatedly — then go on to the next one and repeat the behavior. It’s one of the definitions of insanity that I know of.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. — Albert Einstein

I no longer expect anything more from the raids. They’ve been running into walls fighting the Blood Queen in 25s for weeks now. On very rare occasions I run into a tanking upgrade that the main tanks don’t need and I win the off-spec roll on. It’s not a big deal; what the DK has is good enough.

Since we went in expecting to return the favor for Sue and get a few people Kingslayer and be done, this painful grind has made it clear for us that we won’t be doing it again. Even as the others bitch and moan and gripe and want to bring their weaker alts — even as their stronger mains fail. Downright stupefying behavior. I have no idea what bizarro world it makes sense in. Makes me feel like Worf, traveling unawares into a different quantum reality.

It’s amusing to consider what the proper goblin’s response would be, to get what we want out of the game and stop there. I often think we should. But it’s a social guild, so we’ve calculated what seems like an adequate give-and-take and the obligation will end there. Sue just likes having a guild with a raiding schedule she can live with. Ironically, she chose this particular one because it interfered the least with our alliance activities. So much for those, heh. But we will have time later to play worgen and such when Cataclysm arrives.


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