August 3, 2010

Thanks to Pharyngula for giving me some early morning humor with which to start the day. Dealing with the canard that nobody really believes in all that fundamentalist crap, PZ linked a Benny Hinn video with some amusing hijinks. I went on YouTube and found more.

This is a canard I see a lot on Rational Skepticism, since the creationists and hardcore believers tend to weed themselves out through preaching, insults, plagiarism…typical suspension/banning offenses. The believers that survive for any length of time tend to be the liberal xians, who naturally (ha!) think that most xians are really like them, that the fundamentalists don’t add up to much.

Of course, even within such seemingly ‘normal’ sects like the RCC, you can find the crazies, like the Marianist I met on Slate who never ran out of weeping statuary to be impressed by. And since the overall population of xians pushes the 2 billion mark (by their numbers of course, who knows how accurate they are), even the smallest denominations can easily number into the millions. The Pentecostals and charismatics supposedly comprise ~500 million xians, since the charismatics include some number of catholics.

Of course, Benny Hinn is an easy one to bash. He’s one of the more obvious charlatans, as evidenced by the video, and his failed prophecies, and his lavish lifestyle, and that Congress is investigating him…and yet somehow, he still draws crowds.

Funny what stuff comes up on an image search for Benny.



  1. My favs are the two nuclear bomb ones where all the people collapse at once and the suit jacket whippings. The twitchy ones deserver honorable mention.

    Someone ought to sign this guy up to play defensive tackle in the NFL!

    • Yeah, PZ liked the weaponized jacket as well. But the collapsing crowds left me wondering what he said to make them all fall over. Even he looked surprised!

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