It’s over 9000!!!

July 10, 2010

Another episode of…It Came From Rational Skepticism.

Ok, so I reached a point this morning where, in an argument with a believer, I found myself in a Dragonball Z episode. It’s a good thing I engage in this sort of discussion for fun. But put simply, after wasting an inordinate amount of time schooling this fellow and helping to demolish a few apologetics, mainly about the Problem of Evil…he came back to say that he believed stronger apologetics were possible. But didn’t bother to spell out what they were.

Any old fan/victim of DBZ (or possibly Naruto, or Gundam, or, well, most anime) should recognize this fighting style. Oh look! You can beat me! But wait…I was just holding back, now I will reveal my twue powah! (loop, repeat 3x at least) I found this amusing summary of DBZ with which to reply.

Ah, memories…

Mind you, I find the Problem of Evil a useful illustration of the problems faced by a typical believer in an omni-god — the all powerful, knowitall, supergood type, you know, typical. The usual responses have to do with dismissal (oh, philosopher X solved this eons ago, psh *runs away*), shifty apologetics (sin, free will, personal responsibility, mysterious ways, etc), and sometimes shifty logic.

I’ve seen some particular refinement of this argument into a version specifically about animal suffering that breaks down simply. Ok, so you wish to claim that suffering does us good somehow. Maybe can’t explain it too well though, god’s mysterious ways, he knows better than us, woo woo. Ok, so explain what good it does the animals.

Oh. Well, there’s always this as an option. It’s another video, but a quickie. It’s in a nutshell after all!


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