Observations on burnout

July 9, 2010

Although I have largely removed the disease of burnout from my WoW playtime, I still run into it while waiting to die. Raiding becomes waiting. More discussion, after weeks of it in game and on forum sites. More internet problems. More waiting. People say they know what to do, until they don’t. More discussion; more waiting. What is left to discuss? What question has been left unasked? What video unwatched? How long has it been? How long have you had to do these simple prep tasks?

Let’s go die already.

Aside from that boredom aspect, it’s nice to be rid of most of the burnout. Instead, I get to see it in others. I see it in the people trying and failing to offer advice and they don’t get listened to. I’ve learned that there is a time to offer advice, and a time to not bother. For the most part I don’t bother. If you don’t get listened to, then don’t bother. Why add to the frustration? They don’t want your help. They shouldn’t need your help. They chose to lead. Let them.

I see it in the internet problems that make us all wait and wait, and wait some more. Yeah, we have people with dicey connections. They’re working on it. Why are we waiting on them now? We can’t do X encounter without them. And yet, it’s no one’s fault, but they’re unreliable. We really can’t do X encounter. So what are we doing here, trying anyway? Well, someone else is leading. Let them. It’s their choice.

I see it in the raiding-time split my alliance pals have made, to allow for some different folks or different toons to run the early, easier encounters. As a practical consequence my tank has been badly limited in gear upgrades, but someone else is leading. I’m not going to fret over someone else’s choice. It’s not important to them.

Seems I’ve traded burnout for detachment. It’s not quite good, but it’s an improvement. I’m left with a couple hours of waiting and occasionally holding a raid boss while everyone else learns. Someone else could do this. A robot could do this. Seems like nearly anyone else could do this. Maybe they should.

Despair…so delicious…

Ah well. When it’s this bad, they had better be good friends. Fortunately, they are! And this summer of discontent will pass.


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