Water falls from sky!

July 1, 2010

It is an ill omen, as I have learned from the many crazy Tucson drivers who react so strangely to this phenomenon. I was at work looking out the window thinking, hm, clouds. I know the monsoon has ‘officially’ begun already but we were just starting to see dew points creep up, humidity seeming to increase ever so slightly, some days with clouds.

Then I got out of work, and I saw more than clouds; I saw rain columns. Heck, I saw it spattering on my windshield before I got home. Rain columns, btw, are what you can see when there’s not a bunch of hills and mountains crowding your horizon like back in PA. The mountains here are distant enough to let you see a lot of sky for miles around, and so you can see rain falling on a spot from miles away. This was my view from the driveway when I got home.

Clouds, to the eastSo, it’s monsoon season again. I can smell the water in the air now. Time for coolers to not work so well, time for me to dust off the portable A/C and make sure it’s working. And it’s a good thing I got my car thoroughly checked out and the battery replaced. I’ll be needing that A/C too.

On the bright side, I have a couple days of actual vacation time (i.e. vacation time not used as sick/adventures in plumbing/motoring) scheduled for next week. Couldn’t make it back east, but I may call.


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