Some intellectual stimulation

June 29, 2010

Although my interest in the Greedy Goblin waned somewhat during his last experiment in PvP, the new pug guild does make me curious, and the ongoing ‘undergeared’ project too. It is reminiscent of his soloing and duo-ing old vanilla instances at level, like two level 18’s taking on Wailing Caverns or somesuch. A lot of gear is no longer a challenge, just a matter of time, but skill is a challenge. Their latest one was to pass the Festergut dps check in blue gear. Well, that was a bet the naysayers lost.

Granted, they have the 25% buff, but how many of us would really want to take on Festerface and Rotgut in old ilvl 200 blue gear? I wouldn’t. I’m still lamenting my squidadin’s old ilvl 213 epic shield from Naxx. I know, there are options other than lootship, but there’s not enough time in the day. Well, that and no one wants to run regular HoR or 25-ToC, where the other options actually are.

I suppose that in a way my DK’s change in raiding crew is an undergeared project. Maybe underskilled, too, but we’ll see how it goes. Raiding is still taking up too much of my week but I may have to let it ride for awhile. For once, it’s Sue’s drive and ambition, not mine. She wants to see the end of ICC. Both factions’ raiders have potential to see and beat up the Lich King. But I’m not sure which side will make it first with us in tow.

For my part, I’m not too worried about it. I’m done with my hardcore experiment and it was fun. Burnout is now a question of how long will this raid hold up while wiping repeatedly? And it seldom damages my calm. They usually have less time or patience than I do. I just chuckle over the mess and fly back. Ah, I remember when I learned not to do that…and that…and that.

I get my tanking fix with the alliance; my smash-face fix with the DK; my rogue spices things up, as her dps is still growing; and I continue to build on my other alts when really bored. I even dusted off the undead priest over the weekend, who hasn’t seen much action since Ulduar. Terminal boredom may result in leveling the 72 belflock.

I guess I get enough intellectual stimulation from theorycraft and don’t care for the cerebral style of nuke from the back of the raid in a dress. It ought to be my sort of thing.


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