Rogues are so OP

June 23, 2010

…and I know this because I made one.

Seriously, I know it’s more flavor-of-the-month club than OP. They’re just a bit OP now. Later things will change. Nerf bats will swing. Boss fight mechanics will change.

In the meantime, the rogue (who hit level 80 May 31st) went to her first ICC 10 alt-run yesterday, and it turned out to be a lot of fun. I got to finally see what the traps look like, and to go out and disarm them to save us some grief. We took a bunch of alts, few mains, and finished 7 bosses. Sue got to take her little warlock, who has been 80 a good bit longer than my rogue but she lacks my frenzied focus, heh. Not going to blame her for that.

So after a few weekends of concerted effort, I’ve got a baseline achievement to start pugging the rogue with, cool. It was a bit embarrassing to see my noob rogueling outperforming toons with ‘of the ashen verdict’ over their heads, but I suppose not everyone nurtures their side projects as much.

Stuff I learned: Dave definitely should have made a rogue; they’re more fragile than plate wearers, and they don’t swing 2H’s and hit like trucks, but they hit hard and take stuff apart, fast. Although an enhancement shaman would probably be as much fun, I suppose.

Also, using my alt-stable’s hoard of stone keeper’s shards to buy a few pieces of cheap PVP gear definitely helped. The difference between a baseline ilvl 200 epic for PVE and a 245 item from PVP, even with the useless resilience, is profound. It was something I read about somewhere about gearing a newbie bear druid (resilience being roughly equivalent to defense) and I thought it might work for DPS as well. The rogue is still using some of it, until she gets some decent upgrades to replace them.

Besides, I can save the PVP gear for when I am feeling particularly malicious, and then I can go gank people in Wintergrasp or in BGs or something like. Heh. Shamans can’t stealth.


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