Immovable object contest…over

June 8, 2010

I have a slightly rosier view of the changes this week. My server is among those that will be down all day today, with Blizzard doing hardware upgrades in preparation for the next expansion. Being an old legacy server, figures. I barely stopped myself from posting “[Methadone] on AH, get it before the servers go down” in Trade late last night.

On the bright side, yesterday my DK’s faction transfer back to horde was really quick. It was done long before I finished reading this story. Which in turn got me looking for Lovecraft references with which to rename my character…and got the first one, first try. Marvelous. Old legacy server again; I’m used to spending lots of time sorting through the names that have been taken.

I have a name in mind for my worgen…doesn’t seem to be one on my server already, but the armory doesn’t count everything. It’s about time I make a placeholder and try to claim it.

Why did I move the DK back? Well, Sue knows why. I’ve certainly badgered her enough about moving her troll alliance side, but it’s not happening. She’s had her own guild-related travails, but a recent /ginvite tells me she’s not going anywhere. So if I want to play with her (and I do)…well, done! I guess I shouldn’t have equipped this for an argument.

Not that I intend to abandon the other alliance toons after building them up as I have. These are RL pals I get to play with, after all. It’s fun to play with people you’ve met and gotten to know, more than, eh, associates you’re friendly-jokey with. And not being on a madness inducing progression schedule has freed up a lot of time.

As for the belf rogue project, interesting to see how quickly it progresses. 4 pc tier 9 already, and she’s gone from struggling to kill mobs to whiz-bang-pow and they’re dead. Her dps is actually starting to compete in random pugs. After two weekends. Ha! This game is too easy. Well, up to a point…best not to care after that.

I’ll get some screenshots later. Suffice it to say that the DK is now a he, and loves to eat his pork.


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