The ashen verdict is in

June 5, 2010

It seems appropriate that the current end-game faction matches my current mood. After frittering away a couple of weeks looking for someplace to raid again with my DK, and questioning why I even bother, lately I’m not bothering. The high-end guilds are either falling apart or just fine, thanks, and I have nowhere to look but pugs. That would be fine if I had ever completed Frost Infusion, but no dice. It seems proper to set aside the quest for the orange axe and stop caring.

I took my shot and it didn’t work out; have to have a top-flight guild lined up in advance to have any chance, I guess. I can pick it up later when it’s completely obsolete and irrelevant, but for now I see little point in trying. Overall, it was a reasonable success in achieving some high-end raiding and more timely progression than I’m used to with casual, friendly guilds. It may take more time and luck than I have to find a better home to raid on a tighter schedule. I knew, going in, that the hardcore guild I joined was a business-type decision, and I’m not going to miss them.

Live as jerks, die as jerks, eh? I will do them the unnecessary favor of not calling out the guild by name, but they were ok with acting like pricks to the rest of the server and now the ones remaining are screwed. They’re either incapable (bad rep) or unwilling (slackers) to start recruitment again, and it’d be a bad time to try anyway. After the past few weeks of watching them struggle just to field a decent ICC 10, I may just leave and be a guildless wonder, or put my DK back in the guild of friends with my alts.

So I don’t care if the next content patch and the Ruby Sanctum are coming out in the next few weeks. I opted in for the Cataclysm beta but I don’t expect to get an invite, and I’m not sure that I care. It will be enough to fool around with my alts, with my horde rogue, and think about whether I’m going to stick around for Cataclysm at all. Now that the hardcore experiment is over, the main sticking point is getting to play with Sue, since the rest of you goofballs went and quit. We did originally have it in mind to play together. If we’re hardly ever going to, not much point to it.

This may look grim, but really it’s not. It’s freedom, from a time-consuming raiding schedule, perhaps from the game entirely. If the game is boring enough to inspire me to go back to the gym and the treadmill, that is probably the best turn of WoW events in years. It’s like…oh, I know what it’s like.

So if I go back to the gym and start grinding treadmill, maybe I’ll gain Parents faction rep…gah! It never ends!



  1. well, i made the mistake of going horde on a pvp server while you all were alliance on a regular one, then picked a paladin when i did join in…not knowing my doom there. we never coordinated times to play, and you all got so far ahead of me there was no point to it fo you to help me. so i just abandoned the idea and went horde again and just left it at that. i haven’t played in a long time, doubt i will again. the game isn’t really meant for solo play, and it gets boring that way eventually!

    • Admittedly, with the time zone differences now I don’t know that it will ever work out, even in the next big thing, whatever that may be (knights of the old republic perhaps).

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