Blazing calamari of doom

May 31, 2010

We spent today doing nothing much, just the usual hot dogs, hamburgers and marathons of this and that on TV. On a trip to the store for a few groceries we caught sight of a headline on the local paper about the upcoming hurricane season and what effect it could have in the Gulf.

For no apparent reason we spent the next half-hour riffing on it. Hurricanes, huge oil spill, tornadoes, lightning…sounds like the makings of a bad sci-fi/horror movie on SyFy. Sue thought it should be called “Firestorm,” although that’s been done a couple times. Just imagine, a killer hurricane sucking up the BP oil spill and spreading it all over the Gulf coast! Tornadoes and lightning storms setting cities on fire! Oil-covered squid set ablaze by lightning and sent flying by hurricane winds!

Kind of a tossup between Lorenzo Lamas and Dean Cain to star in it, but we never did figure out who the female co-star would be. There has to be one. But it sounds like something they’d do.


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