Adventures in motoring

May 27, 2010

yep, picture is unrelated, deal with itAs part of the running theme of life as an adventure…

This past week I had to spend some money on my venerable, yet relatively trustworthy automobile. At this point I can’t recall exactly when it was paid off, and that’s cool. I am not looking forward to inevitably having a new car payment at some point in the future. Hopefully will have some more debts paid off by the time that happens. Anyway…

A few hundred bucks spent on electrical repairs. The center of the instrument panel went dead on the way to work last Saturday. This was the speedometer/odometer. You can imagine it being a bit creepy driving along and not knowing how fast you’re going. I kept the driving minimal and was able to get it repaired on Monday, fortunately. No need to rent a car or look up bus schedules. Took all day, but it was a day off. As far as car expenses go it’s livable. Still far cheaper than a new/new-ish car. (gently used? pre-owned? feh)

I missed a great opportunity to speed and get stopped by a cop. It would have been the one time I could honestly say I didn’t know how fast I was going. I doubt the cops would appreciate the joke.

So, the old station wagon must be 12+ years old now, has far less miles than it ought as I mainly use it to commute to work, and it’s hanging in there. The A/C was worked on last year and it’s working. Air conditioning. Gotta have that. Past that, I don’t much care. The cassette player gave out some time ago.

Cassette tapes, ha! Will I have to explain that ancient technology to the kids? Here you go. I still have the set of tapes I brought with me for the cross-country drive, back in 2002. Although, even then I was using CD players with a tape-player adapter. Naturally, I haven’t listened to them in many years…but I could look into getting them on CD.


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