Alt-tastic weeks ahead

May 25, 2010

Not much to add about my DK lately. She’s in something of a holding pattern for the week, as I have made a move on the GDKP (bidding gold for gear) raid this weekend. It’s a good time for it, since the usual IRC antics with my brother are on a holiday break. Time will tell on whether or not I get to stay in the hardcore guild I’m in. They seem to have shifted emphasis to a heroic 10-man. Perhaps we’re being left to our own devices, like the erstwhile MT/raid leader. Or perhaps I will soon be free to find a new guild.

On the bright side, no longer having to slave over my DK gives me more time for my alts. Clearly I did need a break, and I am not slaving over them as I did my death knight, but a few little things over time have improved them. Happily, my pally alt is a serviceable offtank for ICC, which my guild of friends seems to need now. They’re now running as much of ICC as most pugs get to, which is admirable progress in-house, even if it is an alliance of guilds doing it. And they join larger alliances and pugs for 25s. The pally really needs a shield upgrade though. Don’t we all.

My shaman, not needed so much lately; but that’s ok. They are alts after all. I can still improve him with the odd heroic or pug raid, and I have. Not real fond of the tier 10 style, though. But the sanctified upgrade at least sports a nice shade of blue glow, instead of the sickly puke-green. Or perhaps flu-snot green. Whatever. It’s far from sinister. Run away, the shaman’s infected!

It has occurred to me that he is one of rather few males I play, and I don’t even like his look either. I hope the male worgen look all right. Clearly they have put some time and energy into the females, but, well…how shall I put this. I don’t look to play werewolves with that foxy appearance in mind. I set aside the less diplomatic way to put it. Use your imagination.

And my long-neglected and sometime horde AH mule, the belf rogue is now getting closer to level 80, and seems to have hit her leveling stride. In random dungeon pugs, she’s competitive doing single target dps with the other classes spamming AOE. Makes me look forward to her performance at level 80. FoK spam!

Rogues seem so OP in ICC that I am interested to see how mine performs, should I run enough heroics etc. to get her into some.

It’s good to have other goals and ways to have fun with the game. Otherwise, what’s the point?


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