A failure to lead

May 18, 2010

Although I’ve already voted by mail for Arizona’s Prop 100 sales tax increase this May, I feel the need to point out the essential failure on the part of the state gov’t to address this budget crisis themselves. You know, do what people voted them in for, representative government. Be representatives and do some governing. It is sadly typical that conservatives have staked out such an extreme anti-tax position that they can’t raise a tax to save their own skins. Instead they have to foist it off on the people to raise a tax.


Governor’s veto

In June 2009, lawmakers approved a state budget, but only days later, Brewer vetoed the bill because it did not include the sales tax measure.[12]

On July 31, 2009 lawmakers attempted to pass a state budget for the new fiscal year which began July 1, 2009. But, by the end of the day, lawmakers found themselves at yet another stalemate on the already late budget because of a failed agreement on the sales tax increase initiative.[13]

In an amusing case of my agreeing somewhat with our Driving-While-Hispanic-criminalizing governor Jan Brewer, here she is advocating the tax that she couldn’t get the legislature, dominated by her political party, to pass.

And this proposition may still fail — thanks to their Republican constituents and the anti-tax extremism they have engendered in this state. I voted for it, but it would almost be more fun if it fails. I mean, bad, awful in all kinds of ways for the state, especially for our schools. But it would be nice to see what the passionately anti-tax Republicans would make of the results.

It’s bad enough that the state has to use regressive sales taxes, which hit the poor harder. But I still see conservatives complaining that we’re overtaxed, that it will hurt businesses, that the state just needs to cut some more. Oh no! The poor businesses! We’re all supposed to suck it up but not them, eh? It’s the comments that I find interesting from that link; even the Phoenix paper, the AZ Republic, seems to be on board for the sales tax, but evidently not some of their readers.

The news sources can always go to the Libertarians for a contrary position here. They can be counted upon to always support gov’t budget cuts. And like what we saw at the national level, it may take some time with the right wing-nuts in charge to see just how bad their positions really are.

When did businesses become citizens of the world, and stop being part of our communities, sinking or swimming, contributing with the rest of us? When did it become necessary to coddle business at any cost? They can’t all leave if the taxes go up.

Wednesday edit: Looks like the proposition did pass in the end, so the schools will be saved some grief.


One comment

  1. I support Prop 100 and will vote a resounding YES this morning. I hope everyone else will too! It will make a huge difference for education, and will not be a noticeable difference for those who go out to eat, or go shopping for clothing. (1 penny on a $10 check!)

    Also, I am a small business owner – very small – as is my husband. We can’t afford to pay more, but we will ‘suck it up’ along with the rest of the state, if we are lucky enough to have this passed into law. It is a shame on Arizona – One MORE shame!!! – if this does not get passed. It’ll be like shouting from the rooftops: “Not only do we KNOW we have the worst education in the country, we LIKE it!” Very sad.

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