Hope wanes

May 14, 2010

Sometimes I wish my predictions were wrong. WotLK may have the last laugh on me, as the opt-in for the Cataclysm beta is loose and the beta invites probably aren’t far behind. My hardcore guild’s GM/MT is busy in the friends & family alpha, and our raiding schedule is suffering as a result. Well, it already was, thanks to the Starcraft beta he was already in. So I guess I’ve picked a fight.

After the latest raid, where my request to run the Frost Infusion quest was shot down…after tanking upgrades for me were passed off to a friend ‘so they wouldn’t rot,’ while they continue to ask me to tank…after we speed through the encounters so he can go play the alpha some more…I guess it’s debateable as to who picked the fight here.

Add to that the simple math of watching the first-in-line warrior slowly collect his shards, he may be done sometime in mid-June or worse…who will still be interested in this stuff then?

So I’ve posted as to these problems in a place where the potential drama can be minimized, and the next week should be interesting. It’s good to have backup plans. There will have to be some high-end guild interested in a couple hundred (or thousand) gold from me to help me finish my quest. And if I can do that, I can go pug ICC-25s until I get my axe-shards. Pretty much as predicted with the one quirk, my current guild not living up to its end of the bargain.

Simply getting it done or being set free are options, but too simple. I expect to be strung along some more, because my dps is valuable, but evidently not valuable enough. If/when that happens, it’s just a matter of deciding when to cut the string and go mercenary.

So, “Hope wanes!” is one of the Lich King’s remarks as he kills raiders during his fight, and it seems appropriate eh?



  1. dude…have you ever won a popularity contest? i just lost the “student paper of the year” award to someone who published a lab study in a lesser journal.

    • Heh. Popularity? Are you kidding? Well, you’ll have to show them, it’s the mad scientist way.

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