On child abuse, again

May 11, 2010

A different sort today. The past two weeks, my folks have been getting some digs in on me. I feel free enough to post this here because, honestly, neither of them is likely to read it, and if anyone does my dad is the least likely to. They are picking a fight with me, and they should know better. They are liable to lose, and to get the silent treatment for awhile.

Silence is something I am fairly good at, after living alone for this long. It’s enough that I wonder if I could stand people being around all the time.

Anyway. The news is that my nephew is going through his first communion. I hear even my pagan brother sent him a gift. I’d like to think the folks were being dishonest. The mind reels. I’m sorry, but I just cannot celebrate indoctrination. Especially of unsuspecting children.

These kids have no defense from you, none! They haven’t learned enough to be able to apply critical thinking to this religious ceremony — instead, they’re born and raised in it. To the point that it’s immunized from any critical thinking skills they may gain in the future. You can see it in the scientists that hang on to religious beliefs despite their knowledge and skills. Indoctrination teaches them to set that aside, in just this one area. This one’s special. To compartmentalize the nonsense; or perhaps the critical thinking, I can’t be sure which.

Many religions foment real, physically harmful abuse of their adherents, children and otherwise. I have some of the details from here, it’s worth a read-through for the interested skeptic. Found it by way of Richard Dawkins. It is a fine denouncement of organized religion’s child abuse. Beyond just the salacious scandals tearing into the catholic church, there’s children being sucked into armed conflicts under the guise of religion and sectarian or ethnic strife. There’s female genital mutilation.

And to even set all of that horror aside, the RCC builds up your kids with gender discrimination, reinforced by every catholic priest and his flowing robes and thrilling headgear. Reinforced by your holy book, should you on a lark choose to read it and not have it read to you. Do you remember how Eve, woman, is blamed for the fall of humankind? How in the new testament, women aren’t supposed to speak in church or lead them? Do you ever even ask why they’re all men in charge? Or does this disease get overlooked while you fight the symptoms out in society?

Now there’s a line that could piss off my mom. She probably doesn’t deserve that, but the men-folk sure do. It’s the price of accommodationism, eh? Go along to get along, and you end up giving it your tacit support.

I was sucked into that nonsense pretty bad before I broke out; I put some good effort into making contact with the xian god-concept. Wasted effort. And I remembered that, and I resented it. Enough to study until I could survive a scriptural drive-by or the arguments and apologetics of the casual believer, at least. And there were some, from my folks, even the priest of the church I had given up on. Well, again I should qualify it. Mostly my dad.

So here we go again, maybe. Old age and treachery. Well, I won’t take it out on the kids. From this distance, I can’t, really. That may be for the best.

But I have some paperwork at home, a Declaration of Defection that I have considered and repeatedly set aside, a formal break from the church rather than just being ‘lapsed’ as I am now. It may be time to rally some gumption and send it to Pittsburgh, and have done with it. Something I will think about this week, I suppose.



  1. Yep, I did. I sent him some silver, actually. Heh. I understand your point, but the little guy is close to me and would have been upset had I done nothing. The ‘rents and I had a bit of an arguement about it and I just said I don’t think religion, especially xtian religion, MOST especially RCC, has any sort of hold on moral teaching for the young. I found the “turn the other cheek” and “love your enemies” bit extremely confusing as a young boy, among other things later on. We don’t even need to mention the corruption and evil rampant in the church now, and always there before but just not so public. I’ll never go back.

    I had decided its harmless to him at this stage though you disagree and do have a good point. I’ll have to think about that. He is aware that I’m into something else but is not sure what it is. In the event that he seeks for knowledge, I’ll be there for him, instead of as it was for me.

    You should send in your declaration of defection. Heck I think I will, sounds fun and it is sort of insulting to consider you’re still considered a RCC after all this, eh? By the way, your post of the suicide xtians was one of the funniest things I’ve read in a long time. I’ll have to work that into the chronicle.

    • We can agree to disagree, and I’m not necessarily right about it — but it’s good to think about it. Nothing wrong with thinking. I have a record of my baptism from the old church and the date should be all I need for the declaration. As for the chronicle, feel free! I doubt anyone will mind it.

      • We don’t really disagree, I just hadn’t given it much thought until your post on the matter. I had faith in the xtian god once, and lost it due to several reasons, one of which led me to my present system. I did resent my involuntary religious training, but it would never have occurred to the ‘rents to do anything else. You never struck me as religious growing up. Did you have faith? Was losing it so painful?

        Right or, in my case wrong, they thought they were helping me so I consider that when parceling out any ill will. I mostly resent the ridiculous belief system and all the sufferring it causes and condones. I really despise the abrahamic religions in general. You don’t see religious wars over other ways, but the abrahamics feel obligated to force theirs on everyone else. That’s why they need opposed and am glad you engage them.

        I had thought to just sit back and look for the signs of freedom seeking in any young relatives. As I consider most people “sheeple” in the Nietzschean tradition, I don’t feel obligated to try and open their minds. But if it looks like they are trying to break out of the xtian “Matrix” then I’ll offer the red pill as needed. Heh. Just no Ayn Rand readings!

  2. I’m not sure I would classify myself as that religious while growing up. It took a while to perceive that there was something wrong with that, and I spent a few years struggling with it. You might remember my going through confirmation; I think I ended up pushing that more than the folks. I’d latched onto that thinking that if I went through the rituals and passed the tests I would achieve the elusive religious experience that I was supposed to have. The conclusion to that was a real burn for me, yeah.

    As for Ayn Rand, I read some of that but obviously didn’t become a libertarian…whew.

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