The high ground

May 6, 2010

kitty cat on my car

Just a quick update, because it amused me. When I pulled the car into the carport at home this evening, a certain furry critter was waiting for me. And as soon as I had the machine parked, this little twit jumps up and climbs on the roof. Well, it’s in the shade and it’s higher up. Plus, he held still long enough for some pictures. He didn’t mind getting petted a little either.

He’s probably watching the neighbor’s dog in this picture. The dog doesn’t know what to make of us. The cats spook him. Does he think I am a traitor to canine-kind?

Oh, I should also mention that I got a new phone today, but it was just a contract renewal and I think it was done properly. Everyone that doesn’t call me should still be able to. No, I’m not posting it here! Anyone who I would want to call me has my number.


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