Achievements: tedious boredom

May 6, 2010

Although I am waiting for any interesting info to drop from Blizzard’s conference call today, anyone visiting WoW Insider will find a wealth of information on Cataclysm, leaking from a ‘friends and family alpha’. Still no female worgen that I’ve seen.

In the meantime, finals week/month blues continue for the hardcore guild I’m in. Raiding is slow to nonexistent, although we keep getting messages to show up and then nothing happens. Good plan fellas. The MT/GM just yesterday did that and then said he had company…

…and then a few hours later, reappeared to ask where everyone went. Well, duh.

Anyway, this gave me time to pursue a frivolous achievement, yay! This year I have been pursuing the Long, Strange Trip meta-achievement for completing a bunch of holiday stuff. The only kicker currently was completing School of Hard Knocks…for the children.

Yes, for no apparent reason you must acquire an orphan, and then take him or her through various PvP Battlegrounds and complete a variety of tasks in them of varying difficulty, while the more dedicated PvPers alternately gripe about the BG noobs or actively grief them. Mind you, ferrying a draenei kid around Alterac Valley is among the better bullseye-on-back graphics out there.

But I wouldn’t say it was impossible hard, just nonsensical. I had to:

  • Capture the flag in Eye of the Storm: this I did last, as I expected it to be difficult and it was. Here you have to hope for a competent enough group that can capture and hold some towers and the center of the field where the flag spawns, and then hope you can click on it faster than anyone else. Like the five other people with orphans following them around? Yeah, them.
  • Assault a flag in Arathi Basin: Although this took a few tries for me, I figured this wouldn’t be that hard and it really wasn’t. You can either try to reach the initial base first (yeah right), or actively participate in the match, and that at least made it somewhat fun. If only they all made this much sense.
  • Assault a tower in Alterac Valley: I thought this would be bad and did it third out of four tasks, lucked out though. There are only a few towers in the match. And short of active cross-faction cooperation, they only get ‘assaulted’ once. I lucked out because my raid went bananas and rushed far, far ahead of their support structure (i.e. graveyards), got stuck, died and it all collapsed. Late in the match I found a tower that had been retaken by the Horde and smashed it to bits. Luck.
  • Return a fallen flag in Warsong Gulch: In theory this wouldn’t be so bad, except that you run into achievement hungry all-defense groups during the holiday. Everyone wants to defend the flag, how about that? After a few matches I found myself in an extreme version of this, and just for fun I went to the horde base and died spectacularly a couple times, thinking hey, if they get their flag achievements maybe this stalemate will end. A hordie got a similar idea. If the other faction gets wise, they can stop trying to kill you and you can just drop the flag repeatedly.

Yes, that doesn’t sound like it’s in the spirit of the BG at all. And no, I do not care, because this achievement sucks. And I still got it, so 😛 on Blizzard.

Another testament to boredom. Some days I just put the game down and read a book.


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