In the desert, spring is short

April 30, 2010

We should soon be experiencing the last of our cool, pleasant weather shortly. It should now be Road Construction season. Spring? Summer? What’s that? We go from Road Construction to Monsoon.

But with summer looming, I’m seeing the same phenomenon of ennui that several other bloggers I read are talking about. Perhaps what they have to say is enough, but I’m a sucker for a Shakespeare reference. May as well add my two bits.

In my case, being in a small hardcore guild means a few people AFK can cancel a raid. I don’t blame people for paying attention to RL concerns like college applications or final exams. It’s better for them that they do. But even as I find more time to fool around on other pursuits, like alts or reading, it is a drag to keep setting aside the evening and waiting for awhile and then at times go find something else to do. My evenings would be nicer if I was just…free, or not.

Also starting to dim are my prospects for getting the mythic orange axe. Still no Frost Infusion done; with the new buff percentage in ICC we can probably hack it, but the raid this week simply took too long to form and didn’t get as far on Tuesday. If nothing else I would like to have that done, so I can seek out my own axe-shards if need be.

At this point, it seems like raiding may go into low gear over the summer — figuratively, literally too — and by the time summer is over, I would not be surprised if the Cataclysm beta is either the subject of wild rumor or simply begun. And when that happens…it’s basically over for hardcore. The maniac hardcore, after all, will find their way into the beta and be lost. My hardcore guild’s GM and MT is already playing the Starcraft 2 beta. Others will call the game done till Cataclysm releases and take a break. Others may simply not return after the summer.

The only thing I really need to do is my Frost Infusion, my axe of Damocles. It could happen this week…but, it could have happened weeks ago by now. I’ll be happier if & when I get it out of the way. Then, any old ICC-25 can get me closer to the goal…and those will run all the way till the world cracks open and Deathwing pops out.


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