Frost Infusion, take 2

April 20, 2010

New raid week, after the Monday LK 25 tries fell through — some people failed to show, typical. So new lockout, new piles of gear, more sanctification marks. I seem to have all the ones I need as a DPS, so the plan is to hold out until interest dwindles completely and then I will start sanctifying my tank set. It’s interesting to see how things have changed, now that we can clear all the wing end-bosses and get 8 marks a week instead of 2 or 4.

Over the weekend I began rediscovering the joy of alts. Amber reminded me with her alt-update. I read it and thought, hm, I just spent half the weekend working on my 65 belf rogue (now 67) and it hadn’t even occurred to me. I am leveling her so she can advance in Northrend blacksmithing — for the Horde! I also spent a couple hours just playing Halo on Sue’s old Xbox. I like it that much, I guess. The music made that game for me.

I’m looking forward to this being the norm, I can tell. At least for awhile. The hardcore pursuit is what I want to do, certainly. But it can be hard work, and that’s a drag. I am sure I will continue raiding, but a break at least will be nice.

So this week I expect the 25-man raid will reach LK again and fail some more. The 10-man success may help though…the spread out – Defile – collapse routine for the DPS really seemed to help, we’ll see if it works on the larger scale and with more potential for failure. I am skeptical, of course, but last week was a pleasant surprise. I wouldn’t mind another.

I also wouldn’t mind if we could accomplish that blasted Sindragosa fight without me having to dps it full-time. Weak! We punished ourselves many times until the warrior got his quest done. Slackers. It’ll happen eventually. I may as well get my mocking in now.

I know one consequence of this 10-man heroic stuff is that Cyo’s regular 10-man ICC lockout may be freed up. A lot of people already had no interest in it, they were probably just waiting for somebody else to gain the heroic capability for them. Slackers. Yes, it’s a theme…even in this hardcore guild, there are the exceptional and the merely adequate. You never know for sure how much effort someone will put out from an application. But anyway, if I can free up her regular 10-man I might be able to join my guild of friends on their runs with the DK. That could be interesting.

All this is to be expected, especially when building a larger raiding group from scratch as they have, and when building a tight group, not ‘overbooking’ as it were. I didn’t have the luxury of finding some chance opening in one of the top high-end guilds on the server. I expected some setbacks along the way. I am still getting done what I intended to do.


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