Practice makes adequate

April 16, 2010

Weeks behind other high-end guilds, they’re off doing heroic ICC 10 & 25, and we’re still beating our heads into paste against the wall that is the Lich King fight. Well, one milestone down tonight.

Instrumental to this kill was having 2 ranged instead of 1 and getting through the fight without our intrepid pally healer DCing! Imagine that. So we skated through the initial phase with a yawn, relatively speaking, get a first transition with little to worry about, painstakingly spread out and collapse on Defiles, bust our asses on the val’kyrs, make it to the second transition, survive that with an add and a half, and we get through the third phase without me even getting to see the scene inside Frostmourne. Somehow the exploding vile spirits seem…less dodgy than the val’kyrs carrying our friends off. Avoiding the exploding mob mechanic, check.

So that is basically the entire fight sequence, up until the Lich King up and one-shots the raid. Being a DK, of course, this scene is sort of old hat. You did this to me once already, pal. I know the drill.

This is right before Tirion, in the ice cube yonder, finally breaks out and makes himself useful: breaking Frostmourne with the Ashbringer.

Waste of a good sword, if you ask me.

And when did these faction heroes grow to twice their regular size? Is this what we get from overexposure to saronite vapor?

Ah well. Next Monday we’ll likely crack our skulls against LK-25 for awhile, and then in the next raid lockout week, should start getting some groups in for heroic ICC 10 fun. Somehow this makes the heroic game, the last patches, and Shadowmourne seem a little anticlimactic. The game feels…over. But I’m sticking it out for the duration of the xpac.


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