The Zen of Not Caring

April 14, 2010

Tonight, things went full circle. This is me tanking the Lich King.

Oh, don’t get your hopes up; we still failed. But for our 10-man, we cleared the place right quick, and after a few tries on LK, called it a night. If we go back, we just may have a strategy that will work next time. The real MT is overgeared enough to eat Soul Reapers and survive; frees us up to gang up on the val’kyrs trying to toss our pals off the cliff as it were.

As per WoW Wiki the expansion came out November 13, 2008. Around that time I started this character, set aside my venerable undead warrior, and did not tank steadily again for the longest time. The volume of DK tanks — check that, bad DK tanks — gave the class a bad name. Not to mention my guildies speed leveling, forming cliques of 80s, and buzzing through heroics to gear up. I was maybe a week behind them, and still lost out. Went from one of the guild’s main tanks to also-ran. Gave up tanking entirely.

And here I am, some months later, well past caring at all, just being a dps and good at it. And what I can remember wanting to do back in 2008 has come to pass. Not many tanks in my hardcore guild, and I’m not one of the mains but I can hack dancing with Arthas. Whatever it takes to finally bring him down, eh?


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