Groundhog Day

April 13, 2010

So, the past week was a little raid-light and the emphasis was on 25-man Lich King, because (according to our raid leader) the 10-man raid composition was somehow screwed up. If I had to guess, the alt-run I OTed, that was supposed to become the LK killer, didn’t when a bunch of people ran different 10s and got locked out. That’s all right; I did a little more reading than usual.

As expected, we’re still at this awkward point where 25+ people are all learning the various ways they can fail in most embarrassing manner. If you’re wondering about the video link, this is why. The number of times we were slaughtered in the Defile phase of the fight is calculable, with some margin of error, by the number of fish feasts I used up. I went fishing after the raid, heh.

After we raided nothing but LK for hours, the val’kyr trash below respawned and we killed them twice in all, we blew maybe three hours on it and were probably done learning after one. I have been in on the vast majority of all of our LK attempts, both 10 and 25, and I am feeling the burn.

I know from experience that in a month or two, we will most likely be clearing part of heroic ICC 25, pushing the Lich King over with a snicker-snort, and laughing at ourselves over how long it took to get it. It’s interesting to perceive the emotional letdown paired with this past experience and feel them battle it out in my head. Or as Falric from Halls of Reflection muses:

Despair… so delicious…

Ah well. Supposedly, we will do the blood and frost wings first, clear my quests for Shadowmourne, and put me on the 50-shard path, since the first-in-line warrior may be AFK this week. It would be a relief, at least, to be on the last step toward the orange axe and not stuck in the middle. We’ll see if it happens. It should, tonight.

As a side benefit last night, we got to piss off the resident meter-whore, an elemental shaman. Yes, there is one fight in the whole instance that seems to favor the death knights. No, we won’t stop with the Pestilence, because the raid leader wants it. And your tears? They are sweet.

Despair… so delicious…

Edit: Turned out that we could not put down Sindragosa without my dedicated dps, so I will have to do the frost infusion next time, perhaps. It’s good and bad; nice to know I’m needed, but a missed opportunity if something weird happens next week.


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