Well-practiced at failure

April 7, 2010

I’ll spare the screenshots of our repeated wipes on the Lich King this past week. My hardcore guild has cleared everything in ICC up to the Lich King in 10 and 25 now, and we extended a raid lockout in 10’s so that a fairly optimal group could spend a couple extra days just on LK. Result: failure, lots of it. This may sound bad, but it’s not. Well, it can be bad. I think it’s not, due to a matter of perspective.

The LK fight is rather long (in theory) and complicated as well. When it comes to learning a new boss fight, I see it as a learning process, learning all the different ways you can fail. And 10-man raids are unforgiving, especially at this bleeding-edge stage of progression. We must have the optimal raid composition; we must not lose anyone to anything; we must not do anything wrong. And so any failure generally results in a raid wipe.

This is why I find 25-man fights to be a longer slog: you’re training more people, and the quality of such people may not be as good. Even in this guild that doesn’t put up with much of the suck, there’s still some carrying, some ineptitude. But training 10 people, and then training 15-20 more? 15 will take longer, duh.

As I’ve pondered earlier, you cannot just build a 25-man group from scratch and expect it to work. People don’t live up to expectations, or RL interferes, or people do bad things or betray you. I am now a go-to OT because of this, though my gear (and my preference) is still to DPS.

On the bright side, just yesterday I picked up my third sanctified piece, and I only really need four, though I will get all five just in case. And then at some point maybe upgrade the tanking set. I’ve also picked up some nice tanking upgrades in a Cryptmaker to smash face with and a snazzy new cloak. It is a nice looking cloak. It may inspire me to want to tank more, just to look at it.

And next week, if the Blood Queen doesn’t cheat me out of it again, I will get my Blood Infusion done. She MC’ed me after I bit somebody. They did become a vampire. That should cure the bloodlust. So that’s cheating. So I may get that done later, perhaps the frost as well. The first-in-line warrior is now beginning to pick up his 50 shards off the bosses. This shows promise.

I also spent some time researching our third-place DK, who in spite of seemingly good quality gear is not all that close to me in damage dealing, and to the second-place DK, who keeps up with me just fine and occasionally surpasses me. I’d rather all the DKs represent the class well, and of course anything that improves this guy improves the raid, benefiting us all. Time will tell over the next couple weeks as to whether all the tips & tricks I offered do any good.

Anyway, I don’t find raid wipes to be so bad; I feel like it’s training, people are learning — well, when they demonstrate that much, at least. What I find interminable is the waiting, the afk’ing, the bailing, the DC’ing, the replacing people. The feeling of slowdown, wasted time. Time spent doing nothing does not feel like progression. I could go on about that in reference to my guild of friends, but instead I will just mention it in passing and go back to work.



  1. I’ve been quite unhappy with wasted time we’ve seen recently also, and spent most of the time reading this post thinking “yes yes yes, some people really need to read this.” Bravo.

    • Feel free to present my ideas to the others with whatever spin you prefer. 🙂 I was bothered by something the other day, but it took me awhile to pick out just what the problem was.

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