April 4, 2010

Sunday morning in the desert, and Sue is outside watering plants. The lawnmower did the trick the last couple weeks, and I’ve got the majority of the yard under control. Weed-whacking is on the schedule for this weekend. Not much sense to this plant-watering that I can see. All the plants we want need more water to live, and all the plants we don’t want require nothing much at all.

And here is a volunteer I let live for the time being. We found some Mexican poppies blooming in the yard amidst the forest of weeds. Without the weedy jungle, it doesn’t look half bad. The neighbor’s cats are probably devastated, though. They really enjoy playing ‘fierce jungle tiger’ in the tall grass.

Speaking of which! Gotcha.

Never mind, he just wants attention. Keeps mewing pitifully to try to get in the house.

This is my orange tree, which is audibly humming as I approach it to take this shot. It smells wonderful, an added plus when I get home and open a couple windows. The bees that fill it are probably Africanized, but I’m not about to whack the tree with a stick and rile them. The tree is content to produce some small bitter oranges from what Sue tells me, now that we’ve watered it long enough that it’s happy.

Right, so happy holidays and all that rot. I have a few days off to enjoy.



  1. Well, I found your pictures. They are some pretty good shots so far. Your orange tree looks so beautiful, and am sure it smells fantastic. I bet you could grow a Meyer lemon in your yard too, and get some incredible lemons. They just don’t do well as house plants here in the winter, but the first year gave us some fruit. You have a lot of week whacking, don’t you? I remember all the cord you had stored up for that job.

    Nice to see some pictures of the yard and Sue hiding behind a cat. It looks like Arizona is having a beautiful spring. I think we will too.

  2. I have a fair bit of weed-whacking to do, yes, but some of it will have to wait until my latest Adventure in Plumbing has concluded. Fortunately, this one didn’t flood the house. It’ll probably require some calls to the city to see about the water bill though. I can run the mower over the lawn to keep most of the weeds in check.

    Sue told me the oranges this tree produces aren’t good for eating, other than to make a meringue pie with. That’s ok. I am working on another bag of clementines.

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