A testament to boredom

April 4, 2010

…got my first David Mabus comment today. It appears to be among the skeptical bloggers’ rites of passage, from a cursory Google search on the subject. I’m just going to leave it in limbo so I can hang onto the IP address, but here is a highlight.

you little liars do nothing but antagonize…

and you try to eliminate all the dreams and hopes of humanity…

😛 No link spam for you, Dennis Markuze. Naturally, I am onto you thanks to PZ Myers‘ file on the Mabus phenomenon.

Deeply deranged, disturbed individual who believes James Randi has cheated him out of a million dollars, and who vents by spamming websites and email with his angry tirades. Certifiable. Needs immediate mental health care. His real name is Dennis Markuze, and he lives in Montreal, Canada.

So, here’s hoping that the authorities in Montreal can help you, sir.  🙂


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