Thanks for the reminder

March 31, 2010

One of the blogs that got me thinking ‘I should do one of these, it looks fun’ was I Like Bubbles. And so I finally have an excuse to give some props while expanding on something she wrote about today. Yay! I still read those blogs, your guild looks like great fun.  /salute

Of course as fail of a tank as I am, I know that certain behavior is uncalled for.  Let’s say, for example, that you are invited to tank for a weekly raid run.  The group consists mostly of a particular guild.  The other tank, who is a member of that guild, tells you to tank the adds.

Now, I probably don’t have to quote the rest of the story, since it really is so predictable — and funny, the way it resolved — so feel free to go read Amber’s rendition of it. Anyone who tanks, has been around tanks, raids with tanks, um…anyone who plays this game much, ok?… knows how some tanks get about being the big MT. The bolding just doesn’t do it justice. The Main Tank, seems to run the show. They set the pace, the direction. Well, aside from stupid or overzealous party/raid members who decide they will do something…’helpful,’ to move things along.

After all this time, I still make a point to let them die when I am tanking heroics. I have let DPS ‘tank’ a whole pull, lamely auto-attacking away or even going and getting the next pull (ha!) if the healer is foolish enough to try to sustain them. If I was on vent with these fools I would tell them ‘let him die’. I understand Amber’s guild has a healer channel with that theme, heh.

But back to the topic: what I earlier called main tank whoring. As a perennial underdog I have nurtured a special place in my heart for my seething hatred for these beauty queens. Where mere ‘narcissism’ just doesn’t seem to properly define it or do it justice.

Let’s review the scenario. Some boss fight with adds. Boss doesn’t get tanked properly, the raid dies. Adds don’t get tanked properly…the raid dies.

What reason is there to value the one over the other? By ‘reason,’ I’m thinking something logical, sensible. I have to qualify it that much.

Let’s do another example, one I know. Rotface. Typical strat is to have one tank on the boss, another kites slimes around the room. If the kiter gets into melee with their slime, they can die and then it eats the raid. The boss tank has the easier job. They just stand there and take it.

Who’s more important here?

We need two tanks, say, for a 10-man. We may have one recognized ‘main tank’ and me. What happens if I don’t tank? Maybe the raid doesn’t happen.

Does the OT have value?

In my WoW career I have gone from my also-ran, undead warrior ‘tank’ who never got to do any ‘main tanking,’ to him being the default MT by some miracle, to the new death knight ‘tank’ who never got to tank anything to now, on the verge of being a valued hybrid OT with, incidentally, a satisfactory dps mode (/flex). Ironically, I sealed my DK’s fate by not being the MT whore, by encouraging and nurturing a geared and experienced tanking crew. One of these grew into an MT whore by the end of Burning Crusade.

Of course, any guild whose MT whore has /gquit, burned out, disappeared, transferred, been hacked, or deleted by a spurned lover, et freaking cetera, is familiar with the consequences of building MT whores. But so many of them let it happen anyway. My hardcore guild, incidentally, is dealing with the consequences of one of those go-to tanks disappearing. And I’m benefiting. Again.

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. — George Santayana

Anyway, back to work. Hopefully my friends will send me a comment if I need to link some WoW jargon definitions.  🙂



  1. I will sit here and cuddle my “OT” spot…

    • It’s a meaningful role, even if it lacks a certain glamour. 🙂

      Thanks for the comments folks. Nice to see that on rare occasions, someone reads this crap. heh. Maybe later I will write some tales from the career of my now-retired undead warrior, from back in vanilla and BC days.

  2. Congrats on following Amber into the blogs sphere. She is one funny lady. I enjoy both her style of writing and her take on most things.

    MT whoring isn’t new. You could argue that the origins go back to Vanilla and TBC. When you had 40 man raids and Tank gear was very hard to come by… there was a since of arrogance for those that had Tank gear. This is the same belief that the Tank’s gear belonged to the Raid and why you always gave an upgrade to the Tank before a DPS.

    I think that stuff, those ideas if you will, became part of the culture of Wow. Even now towards the end of WOTLK, where end game raiding is more accessible than ever, there are still only a few spots for Tanks. With everyone and their dog rolling a Tank to avoid the “DPS time debuff” waiting for randoms, these tanks have no where to go. They haven’t honed their skills or truly learned their craft. Look at FiveStar… he has a SpellPower enchant on his weapon. SpellPower as a Paladin threat mechanic hasn’t been in place since TBC.

    The result? You get MT Whores and asshats like FiveStar that have a sense of entitlement and make real tanks sit back and shudder.

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