It’s hard out there for a DK tank

March 30, 2010

WoW update: picking up my new trinket last Wednesday, and a second mark of sanctification was nice, this past raiding week. An additional plus is that our first Shadow’s Edge wielder finished his Blood Infusion yesterday, before the raids reset today. This puts me next up for trying it. The problem of course is that we’re still really struggling to down the Blood Queen in a timely fashion — necessary to finish the quest. And a curious side note on this is that they may have me tank the encounter. An interesting aspect of these quests is that it seems easier to finish them as a tank; this puts me ahead of the warrior, as I can tank with my weapon and run the quest. He can’t.

This brings me to the sad lot of the DK tank in my experience. Part of why I switched to DPS and got where I am today, is that few seem to trust DK tanks. It doesn’t help that a lot of DKs thought they would go tank when building theirs, gave it a try and sucked. It also doesn’t help that talents or itemization or whatever results in DKs tending to have the lowest health in my experience among the tank classes. And when size of health bar = tank e-peen (effective health strategy FTW) there was never much hope for me.

I have to add to that the social pressures of main tank whores and too many tanks (including several DKs) in my old social, ‘casual raiding’ guild, that forced me to go DPS, and the rest is history. But I can tell that story later.

I imagine there are some servers or some guilds where the DK tank is prized. There once was a time when I wanted to find such a place to call home. I used to like tanking a lot, used to be good at it. I suppose I am still passable at it, my blood tanking spec is the highest health I’ve achieved, and now my hardcore guild considers my toon off-tank-capable. That’s saying something. Pity it didn’t happen a year ago, though.


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