Goblinish wisdom

March 26, 2010

No, not about the new goblin race for Cataclysm. Goblinish wisdom for me is about the Greedy Goblin. Although I am not quite as much of a ‘goblin’ type as that blogger, I find his insights into ‘social’ types interesting and useful. Not to mention, his tips on using the Inscription profession in WoW allowed me to build an AH business and free up time from mindless grinding.

Lately, I find myself just logging off earlier and watching TV or…well, blogging, but that’s ok. I can recognize symptoms of burnout.

So, what’s insightful. Since my guild-of-friends is in diametric opposition to the goblinish ideal, you might think there’s no point to my reading Greedy Goblin. But I find there is. Gevlon spells out social activities and values very clearly for me even as he ridicules them or teaches how to take advantage of them. In my case, I have found it prudent to play social mores against each other in a manner I find constructive for myself and my friends.

For example: friends don’t make friends carry them. By carrying or boosting, I mean taking some under-geared or -skilled player through content and fixing them up with experience/gear/levels etc. Oh, but this happens all the time! Friends do carry other friends. Sure. But to make them do it? That’s the point. That’s not friendly, social, what have you. And yet I see that all the time, too.

To my mind, it is Gevlon’s often-mocked M&S (morons & slackers), or perhaps a more clever, insidious breed, that abuses the social mores and tricks people into boosting them. It seems difficult for friends to recognize when this is happening, when someone has moved beyond asking for help to unreasonable expectations. And since I value my friends, I point it out at times. It helps that I am an extremely self-sufficient loner. I ask for very little. Not because I don’t like my pals. Just pride, I suppose.

It’s been a pleasant surprise to me to see my guild of friends take to this idea about carrying other friends. It makes sense to them, they get it. Friends would ask, sure. But not expect it, force it. It has been interesting to watch my friends spot this behavior among guild allies and the like, and it’s been particularly interesting to watch what happens when the abusive socials (maybe I should call them ASses for short, heh) get caught in the act.

From the standpoint of an antisocial loner, I guess this is my ant farm. Just poke at it now and then and observe.



  1. Its easier for me to tell friends to eff off than to tell people I met IG. I don’t know, maybe its my personality flaw. Anyway, I just act like I’m /afk or don’t respond at all. 🙂

    • That no-response response may have led to one of the odd situations I observed, when a friendly guildie who had evidently exhausted the patience of everyone to advise and teach and help him /gquit when they refused to outright carry him on raids. It may be a flaw of mine to find such things weirdly fascinating. 🙂

  2. You have to give those guys credit, though, its always fun to time the span in between “Hey guys, run me thru {insert random dungeon here}.”

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