Picture time

March 24, 2010

cats on my carThis is what I get for not having a dog in my yard eh? Look carefully and you will see an orange cat on my car. I snuck this picture from inside the house before sneaking outside and approaching…

bustedAnd this is the result!

No, I didn’t throw anything at him. I was taking pictures, are you nuts? He just heard me and came running as usual.

trinket!!As for this, well yeah…I did get the rare trinket I’ve been wanting for my death knight. It activates by transforming you into various races of Northrend, and grants special powers based on the race it turns you into. My dainty night elf turns into a big bulky Taunka, and he does the tauren dance. The taunka, I think, are like bison forms of tauren (who in turn are cow- or bull-humanoids). The vrykul version seems quite small by comparison. The other form is an iron dwarf.

For some reason, everybody in the guild with the trinket likes to jump up and down when it goes off in combat. I think my taunka form is the biggest, though.


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