A new day

March 23, 2010

I should jokingly make this a political post after the health care bill passage, heh. But no, I’ll update the raiding progress.

This past week my death knight finished the Unholy Infusion quest on the path to her orange axe, Shadowmourne. This turned out to be not as bad as I’d imagined. After a few weeks of practice on Putricide, the guild has learned to take him down with some reliability. And with the officers’ pal having done it first, all the kinks in doing the quest got worked out on his try. So, I go in there and it’s clockwork, we one-shot it.

And that was doing the fight a couple people short! The slackers that didn’t show up should be ashamed of themselves. I am sure we will mock those content farmers ruthlessly tonight; it’s Tuesday, we’ll go from 20 online struggling to fill a raid to 30 online chomping at the bit. We’ll go drop Saurfang and I won’t get my DBW, I’m sure. Just going to sit at the top of the DKP list out of spite.

Next up is Blood Infusion: a few tweaks to the Blood Queen fight, which we have just gotten to the point of winning at all! I expect a few weeks will pass before I get a shot at this. We have to get everyone, again, to the point where they’ve learned the fight and we can drop her consistently. Then the warrior will do his quest, presumably; and then my turn. In theory we could probably both try it at the same time but I don’t think we will. It would be optimistic to guess that sometime in April, we’ll be done with it.

After that, of course, the frost quest, then the epic shard gathering…I’d be worried about this, was planning to gripe about Cataclysm and how I’ll never get this done in time. But I think that if I get the infusion quests done, I’ll get the shards. By the time WotLK is near done, ICC will be pug content, like Trial of the Crusader is now. And pugs can get some bosses down and get me access to shards, while the guild will be running the heroic versions or splintering under its own weight or playing in the Cataclysm beta.

It’s not pretty, especially not knowing that the world first Shadowmourne has been acquired already, but I’ll have to take what I can get. I don’t have the luxury of being in a tried and tested, long running hardcore guild; I don’t have the luxury of being the officers’ friend and first in line. I could say more about that, but this is a progression update. I expect we’ll part ways amicably when our goals are met, and WotLK is well and truly done. As much as I am enjoying pushing myself to the limit, I will be glad when it’s over.

Wednesday edit: It’s interesting to see the ways I get proven wrong. Tuesday ended up being a short raider day, due in part to the patch, and the usual goats-on-fire silly mia/afk crap. And I did get the trinket I was after. Screenshots later, when I remember.


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