The scent of springtime

March 19, 2010

This morning, I was treated to a big blue Arizona sky, filled with puffy clouds — the sort that never survive a hot day, they get burned off — but not today, as it turned out. I see I cannot really do the Arizona sky justice with one shot, but I tried.

The eastern skyI made myself a couple minutes late for work, going back in for the camera. Cybereyes with built-in camera, that’s what I could use, seriously. Never happen. Also making me late for work, the neighbor’s cat stopping by to wind around my legs and attack my feet if I decide to try, well, moving. The nerve I have. I came out just to pet him, right?

Clone appearsAs you can see, not terribly interested in what I’m doing, but oh boy! Living obstacle time! At least this time, he only went all sharp on my shoe. Still, if I hated the blasted cat I would grab a broom, not the camera. On my way out I went looking for my snow. I think most of it is gone now:

Northern skyThe mountains to the north look clear of snow now. On my way to work, I can see some white still on the range to the east. No pictures while I’m driving, sorry. There are enough fools driving without me adding to the menace that are the streets of Tucson.

So anyway, warm days, sun and the smell of cut grass, since I cut the back yard this past weekend. Hoping to get things mowed, cut, pruned etc. before it gets too hot. Warm and dry will do for the lawn and keep it short till monsoon season. But it’s Friday night now, and I have one more workday to go.


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