Progress looks like this

March 16, 2010

Sindragosa is serious businessSindragosa in 25’s — not nearly as easy as the 10’s version. We got to Sindragosa tonight after gunning for the Blood Queen, and actually downing her in one shot. Imagine that! After last week beating ourselves senseless. Well, to qualify our victory: it was a couple seconds after she went berserk, and most of the raid was killed in that couple seconds. I was not, due to luck or popping IBF right as she went berserk. I’m guessing the former!

Clearly, BQL depends a lot on people getting bit in good order and not dying. The raid did an amazing amount of damage just in the last minute or so, with a small horde of vampire raiders and heroism to boot.

So this is what progress looks like — dying a lot, but seeing improvement. After all, it’s a boss fight. You either kill it or it kills you. Progress for us was barely scraping by on BQL and getting Sindragosa to about 30% or so. In a few weeks, we’ll probably be downing BQL like we’ve been downing Putricide and taking real shots at Sindragosa.

Tomorrow I will hopefully get some bommie practice on Putricide in a 10, warm up for Thursday doing it for real in a 25. I could get my unholy infusion done this week. I’ll be glad for the practice. Watching videos only helps so much.


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